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Immanuel, God with us, is the living God. No simple idolizer or false god, He is sovereign and also stunning, our God who took on flesh to establish us complimentary. For we inherited initial wrong from Adam; we were detainees of transgression, in chains as servants to the globe until Jesus Christ became Savior as well as Redeemer. As well as now, we are beneficiaries to the kingdom of God. Remarkable poise, undoubtedly! Let us continue to study the names and also qualities of God through the alphabet.God That is Near

“Am I only a God close by,”declares the Lord,” as well as not a God far? Can any person hide in secret areas so that I can not see him?” states the Lord. “Do I not load heaven as well as earth?” states the Lord. Jeremiah 23:23 -24

God Almighty, You are really a God of occasionally, near and far: Elohei Mikkarov. You are whoever You intend to be, and I praise You. For I know You intend to be with me. It humbles me, my God who is near, that you recognize me far better than I recognize myself, as well as You like me greater than any type of human being might ever before love me. I come to You today, in this minute, grateful to be in Your presence.When I come near

to You, You come near to me. Here and now, Lord God, I sing to Your splendor. Thank You for Your regulation as well as regulations which direct me in Your knowledge. When I am true to Your commands, I see the challenges Satan positions before me, snares to catch as well as perplex me in my search for You. I am conveniently guided, my God that is near, by temptations of this life. I do repent my transgressions with a contrite heart, requesting Your mercy. Jesus, You are the guaranteed Branch which bears much fruit: Jehovah Tsemach, as Isaiah announced (verse 4:2). I acknowledge that You are my Messiah as well as Hero, as near to me today as You were when You were in human kind. I fix my eyes on You, Lord Jesus, as I stroll in the belief of Your disciples.You are a charitable King, abundant in mercy, mercy, and also love. When the very first is last and the last is initially, all points will certainly be restored as You remain on Your throne of glory. For I understand my Redeemer abides in me, closer than my very own beating heart.Holy Spirit

who is ever before existing, provide me Your discernment. Guide me in all Your means to be devoted, true, and also loyal in Your Word. I love You, my God that is near: yesterday, today, as well as tomorrow. In the holy name of Jesus I hope. Amen

Deuteronomy 5:9 -10, Psalm 139:1 -19, Jeremiah 23:5 -6, Matthew 28:20, Acts 2:39, James 4:8

Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent God

The Track of Moses and the Tune of the Lamb: “Great and also spectacular are your deeds, Lord God Almighty. Simply and true are your methods, King of the ages. Who will not fear you, O Lord, as well as bring magnificence to your name? For you alone are holy. All countries will come and also prayer before you, for your exemplary acts have been revealed.” Revelation 15:3 -5

Almighty God (El Shaddai), just how incredible are Your spectacular acts. The Greeks called You Pantokrator, and truly so. You are all effective. You see, You hear; You’re right here, You’re there. You are after that and currently. You understand all points. Time has actually disclosed Your amazing means. No one can contrast to Your grandeur. Nobody can challenge Your authority. In You there is no problem, nothing corrupt or dark. You are remarkable and mighty, worthy of praise as well as adoration. As well as Lord, You are everywhere at the exact same time.You are ubiquitous and I enjoy Your sovereignty. Mighty are Your ways in fight, Warrior King. Hosts of angels and archangels circle chariots of fire around me in security at Your command.Only You have power over wicked as well as fatality. Satan’s head is under Your heel. You see me Lord, and also I am conserved. Jesus, honored Redeemer, God’s love is genuine as well as apparent in You. I see You, Holy One(Kadosh ), in others that stroll in Your love. I hear Your voice directing me in nonpartisanship. I feel Your hand in mine when concern attempts to overtake me. You answer my prayer for security as well as deliverance. I bow and also request Your forgiveness. Just You can release me of the sense of guilt and also pity building up in my fatigued soul.I request for Your excuse, wonderful Jesus my Savior.

When I am forgiven I am complimentary to serve You in tranquility, love, and pleasure. I understand You developed me for this excellent objective, and my heart is glad to be humbled prior to You.Lord, my Omnipotent God, I do not have so much in understanding and also reason. But one point I understand for sure: You are the Universal God of my forefathers(Creator Elohim Abdominal Muscle), Old One, trustworthy, dedicated, and also real to Your Word. My concern as well as doubt liquify in Your magnificent elegance. In Your visibility I am more than I can be or else. I don’t want to be alone, dear Lord Jesus. I never ever wish to live without You. I require You. And also I recognize I belong to You, Lord Christ. I like and also praise You, praying always in Your amazing name. Amen Exodus 15:1 -2, Psalm 106:1 -2, Psalm 111, Psalm 145, Isaiah 25:1, Isaiah

40 A modified excerpt from Please Hope With Me © 2018. Jean Stinnett is an accredited specialist counselor as well as writer of two devotionals, Please Pray with Me and also Our Monday Prayer, readily available on and also Hargrave’s Shop in Mertzon. She retired in Mertzon after a 30-year profession in public education and learning. Unless otherwise kept in mind all Bible quotations are taken from the Holy Scriptures, NIV, copyright 2011; used by approval of Zondervan.Read or Share this story: Resource