I am so glad that as a nation we possess the opportunity of collaborating in request during the course of the annual National Day of Petition on May 6, as I believe our nation requires petition especially.

As I deal with what a National Time of Prayer means, I am advised of the effective painting “The Prayer at Lowland Forge”by Arnold Friberg, showing Gen. George Washington kneeling near his steed in the snowfall.

You may simply imagine he experienced the body weight of his entire fledgling country’s future on his shoulders at a time when factors appeared extremely bleak. I usually experience that body weight today, as I make certain numerous others do, also.


However I always keep a printing of that paint in my property to tell me that there is actually chance– that our God and Defender Jesus Christ performs address the prayers of His folks raised in behalf of a country at a crossroads. When I see that painting, I am encouraged through the electrical power of prayer, and also just how it was actually important to the starting of our country.

A lot more coming from Point of view

An additional historic prayer I am told of is actually that of Gen. George S. Patton, which he asked his pastor to create at a just as pivotal time when our soldiers were actually jeopardizing their lifestyles on behalf of our independences. This request came before the onslaught that came to be widely called The Struggle of the Protrusion, a try due to the German army in the course of The second world war to steer a wedge between the Western side Allied soldiers.

The Germans were initially prosperous in this particular unusual winter season aggression, along with the wet and cold weather working to their advantage. With a strong view that God would intervene in the gatherings of humanity, Patton inquired Third Army Pastor Msgr. Francis O’Neill to make a prayer for a lot more advantageous health conditions. While this was actually a doctrinal difficulty, the chaplain was influenced and penned these words within the hr:

“Almighty as well as very most merciful Daddy, we humbly beseech Thee, of Thy terrific goodness, to restrict these dizzying rains along with which our team have actually had to deal. Give us pleasant weather for Struggle. While we

might not be experiencing adversaries at the gate, our company are accurately in a battle for the body and soul of our nation.

“Happily heed to our team as soldiers that name Thee that, equipped with Thy electrical power, our team might advance from triumph to success, as well as squash the fascism and also improbity of our foes, and also develop Thy fair treatment one of guys as well as nations. Amen.”

The entire 3rd Military was actually heartened through these words as well as participated wishing all of them– fervently– together. The problems amazingly strengthened, and on Dec. 26, 1944, Patton’s guys arrived to fight for the 101st Airborne Branch, which had been actually bordered as well as nearly beat near Bastogne, Belgium.

The battle was actually much coming from over, but switching the tide in this particular fight was a much-needed encouragement to Allied forces almost everywhere, leading inevitably to greatest triumph over the German military.


While our experts may certainly not be encountering opponents at the gate, our team are accurately in a fight for the body and soul of our nation. Our company should adhere to the amazing examples of these two historical bodies that were actually therefore crucial in succeeding and maintaining the liberties our company enjoy today.We can join them on our knees, advocating our God as well as Defender’s intervention once more in our treasured country’s circumstances, inquiring Him to turn souls toward him and also ignite in each people a restored affection for our fellow man. The foes we face today are certainly not so apparent

— cynicism, despondence and also be wary of– yet could possibly equally as effortlessly bring about the reduction of our freedoms if we fall short to pray for one another, our country as well as its own innovators as we ought. GO HERE TO RECEIVE THE FOX NEWS APPLICATION The concept for this year’s National Day of Petition is”Lord, Spurt Your Lifestyle, Love and Right,” based on the Bible located in 2 Cor. 3:17: “Currently the God is actually the Character, and also where the Spirit of the God is, there is actually liberty.”Allow our team commit to remaining on our knees in prayer, appealing to the Spirit of the God to decant his benefits

on our property, to revive a society of life, passion and right in our middle. CLICK ON THIS LINK TO READ MORE THROUGH ALLEN WEST Resource