ZENICA, Bosnia-Herzegovina– Groups of men are getting ready for long hrs of tough labor deep underground in a trouble-plagued coal mine in Bosnia’s main city of Zenica.

Throughout Islam’s divine month of Ramadan, observant Muslims amongst them are simple to place. Arriving for their change and also constructing for a roll telephone call before riding an elevator right into the mine passages, they carry with them clear plastic bags having basic dishes brought from residence with which they will damage their everyday fast 500 meters (1,640 feet) listed below the surface.

Throughout Ramadan, watchful Muslims abstain from eating, drinking and smoking from dawn till sunset and also Zenica coal miners are no exception. For the whole period of the Muslim divine month, they set about their normal work regimen, insisting they feel no outstanding cravings, thirst or exhaustion.

“For someone that does not wish to observe the quick, it is always simple to find an excuse. We work hard, it is warm right here, however we wish to observe the fast and Allah gives us toughness to withstand,” claimed Salih Doglod, a miner.

Inside mine shafts, one can’t see sundown, but miners consult their watches as well as mobile phones for the correct time to take a seat, unwrap their food and damage their day-to-day fast together.

After a fast meal, one of the miners problems a contact us to petition and the males get into groups of 2 or 3 before returning to their tough and also dangerous job.

Bosnia’s coal mines, including the one in Zenica, have been severely maintained, and also have seen practically no financial investment and also modernization as the area was swallowed up in an ethnic conflict in the 1990s.

In 2014, Fuad Hadzic made it through a lethal collapse in the Zenica mine as well as insists it had only strengthened his belief. At the time, numerous mine tunnels broke down leaving him and also 33 various other miners, including five killed by the debris, caught underground for hours.

“May it never repeat or happen to anybody else, however individuals of confidence amongst us relied on that God would save us, as well as we were conserved by God,” Hadzic claimed.

“We were stating all the petitions we knew out loud and also informing one another to simply keep hoping because we knew just God can save us,” he remembered.

Hadzic firmly insists that God safeguarded him in one of the most dangerous hrs of his life and also has actually constantly been offering him toughness to observe his faith.

“I am working in this same mine for thirty years and with God’s help I always quick throughout Ramadan. I do not locate it difficult in all,” he claimed.