Sunday college began at 9:30 a.m. as well as praise solution adhering to at 10:30 with Pastor Jim Tritle officiating. Priest Jim gave the welcome, some news and our petitions of concern were raised. He after that offered a conjuration taken from John 3:19, “This is the judgment, that the light has actually entered the globe, as well as the people loved darkness rather than light since their actions were evil.” If you think about it, it makes ideal feeling since Jesus Christ IS the light of the globe. One track that Hank Williams Sr. created was “I Saw the Light.” Pastor Jim informed us that the Hank Williams tale was really depressing. Although Hank composed this hymn, he lived a tortured life with disease, alcohol and also drugs. In his prime time, he performed 2 shows a day as well as Minnie Pearl in fact was his driver as well as caretaker while they were in between shows. He was estimated as informing Minnie when, “There Ain’t No Light.” A lot of people believe in God and also Jesus; but satan does not care equally as lengthy as they do not think that Jesus IS God. Satan chooses the social scripture. Keep In Mind Jim Jones, he taught that he was the way. In John 14:6 Jesus states, “I am the way, and the truth, as well as the life. Nobody pertains to the Papa other than via me.” Our morning lecture was entitled “Finding Light at Night” drawn from John 3:1 -5. This passage describes Nicodemus, a Pharisee as well as among the religious leaders of the day, heading out and seeking Jesus by evening. He sought Jesus by evening since he really did not desire the other Pharisees to see him and/or didn’t wish to anger anybody. He was concerned about what others may believe. He additionally wished to speak Jesus by himself in an individually session due to the fact that he had questions. He recognized who Jesus was; however so does satan. The religious leaders of the day understood Jesus and also believed that He was an instructor sent from God. Yet the leaders additionally were very afraid of shedding their immaculate photo and power over the people, if they acknowledged Him. Jesus was constantly honest and also straight and to the point on God’s word. The leaders just attempted to poke openings in what Jesus had to claim in the light of day; yet at night they remained to outline His death. Jesus informed Nicodemus how he can get redemption, by being birthed again. Romans 3:23 tells us, “given that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” that is the factor Jesus needed all. Christians need to not be ashamed of the gospel. It is possible to tell the truth of the bright side as well as still be kind in the informing. There are a great deal of individuals from the past and also today that know who Jesus was/ is, however never ever obtained salvation by accepting Him and also WILL bust hell large open. John 3:3 states, Jesus states, “Really genuinely, I tell you, nobody can see the kingdom of God without being birthed from above. We should be born of the spirit. Caiaphas and the various other spiritual leaders stopped working to believe as well as where are they today? Caiaphas actually mocked Jesus while He was holding on the cross, informing Jesus to confirm His identification by coming down from the cross, AFTER THAT he could think. Jesus entered into the globe to accomplish bible predictions. After Jesus’ death, John 19:39 informs us that “Nicodemus that had at first concerned Jesus by night, also came bringing a blend of incense and also aloes, considering about a hundred pounds.” He as well as Joseph of Arimathea went before Pilate and asked to bury Jesus’ body. He do without concern with his idea in Jesus. In 2 Timothy 1:7 it says, “For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, yet instead a spirit of power and also of love and of self-discipline.” Do you stand up for God? Do you know individuals that need THE LIGHT? Anxiety of adjustment might send you to heck, but like Nicodemus you also can pertain to Jesus any time and accept His complimentary gift of redemption as well as eternal life. But first you require to approve Him! Have a blessed week! Church Activities: March 21, Holy Bible Research study, 6 p.m.; March 27, Petition Morning meal @ Denny’s, 8 a.m.; March 28, Palm Sunday and also Coin Sunday; and April 4, Easter Sunday. All Site visitors Rate! If you have any kind of concerns or problems; please get in touch with Pastor Jim Tritle @ 812-653-8230.

Sunday School opened with Pastor Brian Harrison leading petition, followed by Bro Doug Terrell leading “I’m Established.” Pastor Harrison showed from John 4:14 as well as 21-30– A Wonder at a Well. We have a well of living water emerging within and we should ask the Lord to come and also visit that well. If our well is running low, then we’ll soon be out. We’ll have not because we ask not, so daily communion with Jesus Christ is a should for us to weather our storms. Remember, Jesus pertained to us when we would not concern Him, and also where would we each one be if He had not pertain to us? Will not it be nice to see Jesus and spend endless time with Him. He spoke with the Samaritan woman at the well by lowering Himself lower than she was and also asked her to give Him some water to drink. She then offered Him water to consume alcohol, as well as He offered her some water to consume alcohol from the well of living water. You can go to church, but if you don’t have the tools to attract the water with, then you’ll be thirsty. Church started with Priest Harrison opening up in prayer. Singers Sisters Courtney and also Macy Harrison, Mecinda Baker and Katy Bolton sang “O Magnify the Lord,” “I understand the Lord Will Make a Way” and also “Holy is the Lord.” Bro Don Harrison as well as Bro Kelly Line obtained the offering while Brother Ray sang “Take You Through the Fire Again.” Priest Harrison taught from II Chronicles 4:11 and Philippians 1:5 -6– It Is Finished. It might have been a harsh week, yet we require to praise God anyway because that worship brings an alleviation which sigh of alleviation originates from the Holy Ghost. God is devoted and will not quit helping you until He is finished with you. The church is not completed and also will overcome, so do not quit commending and also praying. Don’t stop venerating Him due to the fact that He is not yet finished with any one of us. God can not be impeded, as well as if you do not want Him then He will certainly leave you alone. Jesus is the means, the reality and also the life, and also He will certainly lead us right to Heaven. The church track was “I am Retrieved.”

The little girls provided the greeting, asking how we liked the moment modification. Priest John Moffatt offered the petition. “Just the Blood” as well as “What a Day That Will certainly Be” were sung. Prayer requests were articulated with Dr. Mark Eckart leading. Afghans were committed. The children got the offering. Mabel and Ray Andry sang “The Blood that Stained the Old Rugged Cross.” Columbine Pierce led Kid’s Church. Pastor John spoke from Romans 6:18 -23– The Salaries of Wrong as well as Fatality. The present of God is immortality. Wrong has a rate that must be paid. Sin damages, divides from God. Numerous attempt to remain in sin, however do greats, every little thing will certainly be alright, yet God likes us. God does enjoy us, but God does not such as sin. Society looks for to modify, change our past, starting with Children’s publications as well as flick characters. Perhaps taking a look at terrible video games, TELEVISION shows, films would profit society much more. Satan urges the world to banish God. Satan attempts to push God from our lives, reminding you of your past errors, sins. Defend against ignoring your spiritual life. As an overlooked residence will certainly quickly be overwhelmed with rats as well as the yard full with weeds, disregard opens a door for Satan to get a toe hold. We remain in the globe, yet not of the globe. The Holy bible is a book of pledges. The globe is a short-lived area. Salvation is infinite. Priest John welcomed all as well as Carol Hendrix offered the petition. “The Comforter Has Come” and also “Wonderful Soon” were sung. Prayer demands were voiced with Leonard Zike leading. Marilyn Flick sang “If That Isn’t Love.” “Household of God” was sung and a statement offered. Priest John’s message was from I Corinthians 11:24 -29– Communion Is a Special Time, a Time to Analyze One’s Self. If something is incorrect, fix it. Maintain His Commandments, don’t experiment with transgression. Christ followers, the very early church, were mocked, mocked, persecuted, as after that so today. The globe looks for to get rid of God. Complying with Jesus is not a craze, below today then disappearing. Christ died for us. Our country was established on Jesus Christ. We take communion in to keep in mind Christ. We do not understand what tomorrow will hold, however we know who holds tomorrow. Betty Archer, accompanied by Peggy Collins, sang “In the Yard” as communion was offered. Priest John gathered prayer.