We’ve all listened to the old expression, “they do not have a prayer.”

It’s been utilized to explain a determined circumstance in which there seems to be no hope. Something seems so negative that no one would certainly even attempt to hope, that not even God could perhaps intervene to turn the situation around from hopeless to hopeful.Maybe the tears

as well as heart pain have been way too much to birth.

Possibly it’s a sports team that has been pestered with sickness and also infighting or lack of wise leadership.Maybe it is a state or a country that’s in trouble.Does America have a petition? Does Minnesota have a prayer?Yes she does

! Is she so far gone that there is no hope? We think not!When our prayers are to our Heavenly Creator the God as well as Dad of our Lord Jesus Christ we constantly have a prayer.There are hundreds and also thousands, also millions, all

across this land that are hoping, that have actually placed their hope in the promises of our divine Father God.There are many possibilities to hope, we can hope quietly by ourselves any time day or evening

. We can pray at an once a week solution with a few hundred others or we can gather with thousands and also millions from all across this land at the annual, very first Thursday in May, National Day of Prayer in 2021 it is observed on Thursday, May 6. We are so blessed to live in a country whose starting fathers wrote, thought as well as desired the effective words located in the preamble to the Declaration. “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all males are developed equal that they have actually been granted by their Maker with specific unalienable Civil liberties that amongst these are

Life, Liberty and the search of Joy.”A country that in 1952, 70 years back, passed a joint resolution as well as signed by former Head of state Harry S. Truman establishing the annual National Day of Prayer. The day was then embeded in location to be the first Thursday in May and also authorized by former Head of state Ronald Reagan in 1988. Please plan to take part locally in Jordan as we collect at Shallows Park for a hr on Thursday, May 6 at 7 p.m.We will check out the 2021 City of Jordan Pronouncement. We will certainly be praying to our Heavenly Father in the Mighty Call of Jesus.

Petition topics will include family, church, workplace, education and learning, military/law enforcement, race/culture, government and art/media. This year’s motif Scriptures verse and also inspiration for the Declaration prelude is 2 Corinthians 3:17:” Currently the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.”The city of Jordan’s proclamation includes: Whereas Prayer is an essential

part of our heritage as one country under God; as well as National Days of Petition are an American tradition, permanently developed on the very first Thursday of Might; and also Whereas It is fitting that we observe a day to recognize our reliance on God, to share

to Him our gratefulness for His several blessings, as well as to acknowledge the demand to strengthen spiritual and also ethical worths in our city; our state and also throughout our nation; and also Whereas A day of prayer is a possibility for all Americans, of all faiths, ethnic background, and also political affiliations, to pray, to renew, as well as to motivate the joy we find in our confidence, family, pals as well as communities, to bear in mind those who are enduring as well as dealing with challenges, as well as to pray for tranquility throughout the world; and Whereas A day of prayer is a red-letter day our brave men and women who are protecting our nation, liberating the oppressed, and also protecting our liberties, to thank them and also their family members for their sacrifices as well as to wish their safe return; as well as Consequently I, Mike Franklin, Mayor of the City of Jordan,

do herby announce Might 6, 2021, A Day of Petition in the City of Jordan and also prompt our citizens to join me in petition. Bob Schmitz is a retired Jordan local that is active in Revive Scott Area, which he describes as a Christian Evangelistic outfitting ministry. Resource