Few days after the tragic death of a businessman sperm socialite, Kayode Badru, who was shed to death during the course of a prayer session at a parish of the Celestial Chapel of Christ in Alagbado, a Lagos suburban area, his widow, Kofoworola Badru, recalled his final seconds in an exclusive interview with KUNLE AKINRINADE while other members of the departed guy’s family members asked for compensation.

Kofoworola, the dowager of Kayode Badru, the business person sperm socialite who died in a church of the Celestial Chapel of Christ in Alagbado, Lagos lately possessed no hint that a prayer treatment her other half went for on their wedding event anniversary can lead to his terrible fatality.

Badru, a roundly created prosperous business person and also socialite who travelled in between Nigeria, Europe as well as the United Arab Emirates, had actually hesitated in leaving their palatial house at No 13 C, Morin Street, New Oko-Oba near Abule Egba on April 26.

“He was actually restless just before he left property on the eventful time. He left our area as well as came back 3 opportunities midway the staircase before he eventually left behind,” Kofoworola pointed out.

“He kept mentioning he neglected something until he finally left home after relying on the area three times.

“He did fast before he left house, thus he inquired me to prep chicken agitation and also rice for him.

“He informed me he was actually opting for requests at his late mom’s chapel around Magboro place in Ogun State. He left behind house around 10 am as well as guaranteed ahead back through 2pm.”

Unknown to his better half of four years, her partner had actually visited another Celestial Chapel parish for the prayers which transformed heartbreaking and cancelled their four-year-old conjugal happiness.

While Kofoworola was still wondering why her partner had certainly not come back house to eat his much-loved dish at 2 pm, terrible destiny had participated in a quick one the Abeokuta-born daddy of 4.

At the church, her spouse had actually clinched his hands around 7 lighted candelabras and stoop down swathed by seven elders who poured gushing prayers on him to get over evil.

During the petitions, the petition soldiers were pointed out to have squirted him with some metaphysical cologne. However just before they recognized it, the fragrance kindled fire which burnt Badru beyond acknowledgment.

He was actually rushed to the Gbagada General Medical Center, where he eventually passed away on May 4.

“I did certainly not know that he mosted likely to one more church, the Imole Basilica of the Celestial Church of Christ. Although the guard of the parish is his pal and he was the one who helped with the position of the parish’s branch in Dubai, UAE.

“I ended up being stressed when he didn’t come back residence punctually. A handful of hours later on, I was said to that he was actually involved in a mishap in the course of the prayers.


” I contacted his phone at about 2 pm yet he didn’t pick his telephone call. At regarding 5pm, I acquired a telephone call coming from the guard of the religion that my hubby was associated with a little crash, and also I went to the religion.

“At the religion, I was said to that people of the senior citizens that were wishing my hubby spread fragrance on him and also it triggered fire coming from the burning candlesticks he was actually holding and scorched him.

“On observing just how pathetic my husband’s ailment was, I demanded to observe the girl who was mentioned to have actually spread cologne on my partner, however they were just calming me down and carried out certainly not allow me to view the lady.

“My other half also was actually comforting me down, including the guard of the congregation, Prophet Felix Alebiosu a.k.a. Ebony.

“My other half later on built an infection on his body system as well as he died on May 4, 2021.”

Oddly, when the case happened, Kofoworola mentioned she was actually inquired by the guard of the church, Astrologer Felix Alebiosu, certainly not to inform her partner’s member of the family, assuring her that the situation was in control.

She said: “I was actually informed by Alebiosu not to update my husband’s family members that he resided in the hospital. However I ultimately performed considering that I couldn’t maintain all of them at night for long.

“My husband possessed no particular parish where he venerated. He worshipped at any sort of parish he was actually invited to, and I had accompanied him to prayer at this specific church, where he got burnt a few times.

“Besides, he was actually incredibly close to Alebiosu considering that he prayed to at a branch of the parish in Dubai.

“He is actually survived through four children. I have 2 along with him while he has two children coming from his previous relationship.

“He died on our wedding event anniversary on May 4; our team actually got married on May 4, 2017.”

The 31-year-old dowager explained her late partner as a man along with a sizable center also on the sickbed.

“Kayode lovemaking and was consistently going to help people, and also he failed to poke fun with his children. He had a big center as well as always wished to help individuals.

“Also on his sickbed in medical center, he was still aiding some patients out with their clinical costs.”

Remembering his last minutes along with the deceased, his much younger brother, Oluwaseun Badru, likewise a priest of the Celestial Congregation of Christ, mentioned there was even more to the event than complies with the eye.

“I was called to happen see my bro, Kayode Badru, at the Gbagada General Healthcare Facility. I found him in a critical circumstance.


” When I kept his palm to pray for him, he told me that the accident had not been natural. He said that he was actually managed while 7 seniors of the religion were praying for him at the religion, and also he thought as if he remained in a hypnotic trance where somebody was putting water on his body system. He stated that he listened to a voice inquiring him, ‘Is this just how you are actually heading to finish your life?’ and also he rose to locate that he was melting.

“However, due to the time he rose, the deed had actually been carried out as he had been actually drastically burnt. Nevertheless, my question is where are the seven senior citizens that wished him while he was actually getting rid of? I inquire this inquiry considering that doctors mentioned he was actually burnt up to the fifth coating of his skin. So, for how long was he held down and for how long was the request treatment that those that prayed for him really did not know that he was burning in their midst?

“I asked the shepherd of the church, Predictor Felix Alebiosu, who led the prayer treatment for my sibling if there were financial transactions between him and my sibling, and also he claimed no. He told me that my sibling wasn’t that abundant, in contrast to what he possessed previously told me.

“What frustrated me was actually that my brother informed his family he was visiting our mother’s church in Magboro, merely for him to see one more church where he was burnt to fatality because of the perfume poured on him while he was keeping candelabrums actually ignited.”

Oluwaseun prompted the authorities to ensure that justice is served in the concern, keeping in mind that suspects on the run have to be actually detained as well as taken to court.

“Alebiosu as well as two others have actually considering that been detained and also are actually right now in cops imprisonment at the State Bad Guy Inspection Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba, Lagos.

“Our experts heard that the suspects are acquiring favoritism. Nevertheless, what our company prefer is compensation for our late sibling.

“Other running away suspects have to be actually detained and created to encounter the wrath of the law, because that is actually the only means judicature may be offered in this issue.”

Additionally demanding compensation, yet another more youthful bro of the departed, Oluwagbenga Badru, stated the circumstances neighboring the death of his older bro were actually unreal.

He said he believed bad deed and prompted the cops to accomplish in depth investigation as well as catch all those involved in the instance with a view to guaranteeing justice.

He stated: “I still locate it challenging to strongly believe that fragrance was the only material in charge of my bro’s death. Is it achievable for cologne to scorch a male as much as the fifth coating of his skin layer without those wishing him regarding the smoke coming from the burning?

“Besides, there is an additional variation being actually bandied due to the senior citizens at the petition session which recommends that the fire started from a burning candle light which infected the place my sibling knelt down as well as eaten him while hoping. So, on this score, the police should imprison all those included and also carry them to publication without anxiety or favour.”


An exquisite source at SCID, Panti, Yaba, confirmed to our reporter that somebodies had been actually apprehended about the case.


“We have actually jailed the guard of the religion where the accident happened and pair of other suspects, and also they remain in our detention immediately. Initiatives are being made to apprehend other individuals associated with the case and also perform a persistent investigation.

“The suspects in our custody will certainly show up prior to the Replacement Commissioner accountable of SCID this week for suitable rundown on the matter.”

On the other hand, the authorizations of the Celestial Religion of Christ (CCC) has released a declaration blaming the event on slander of fragrance through members of the religion.

The statement issued due to the minister of the church, Rev. Emmanuel Oshoffa, advised the pastor-in-council to avoid such abuse down the road.

The declaration reads through in part: “Calvary hellos to you for our Lord Jesus Christ who has named our team into His Splendor.

“As a result of the incessant abuse of religious perfumes within the church, His Standing has actually located it important to condition for report reasons and also correction that henceforth, spiritual fragrances meant to become splashed, sprinkled or even put with an ignited candle ought to be diluted with water.

“The squirting or even pouring of pure spiritual fragrances in its unstable state with an ignited candlestick is an imported society certainly not initially portion of the maxims of the Celestial Religion of Christ.

“The set utilization of spiritual fragrance within the realms of an ignited candle by the priest owner, Saint SBJ Oshoffa, is by combining it with water. It is actually high time our experts retraced our actions for a more significant Celestial Congregation of Christ.

“Our team are all suggested to stick to this instruction. Any sort of church or participant that goes against this regulation will be solely in charge of the resultant impact.

“The minister has actually likewise directed the pastor-in-council to find up with a plan paper to curb alien methods that have actually been actually introduced right into the tenets and also doctrines of the church to safeguard the church’s magnificent society as instructed by the Feeling of The lord with the pastor founder,” the claim added.