Taraweeh prayer at Amr Ibn el-Ass Mosque, Cairo - FILE

Taraweeh petition at Amr Ibn el-Ass Mosque, Cairo-FILE CAIRO– 16 March 2021: Egypt has magnified preparations at mosques as the divine month of Ramadan strategies, in line with the precautionary actions readied to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mass night petitions during Ramadan (Taraweeh) will certainly be permitted in some mosques with the adoption of preventive measures against Coronavirus. Those mosques will certainly be permitted to provide religious lessons as well as lectures, which will be broadcast through electronic platforms and social media sites.

The Ministry of Endowments distributed a brochure to directors in governorates to prepare a listing of the mosques, in which Friday petitions are held, as well as Tarawih petitions will certainly be kept in accordance with the choice of the Preacher of Endowments, Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa.

Tarawij petitions will not be allowed to be held at any type of other little mosques or mosques at colleges, in which there is no accredited imams or preachers.

In instance of any infraction, legal procedures will certainly be taken against the violators, as well as prayers will certainly be outlawed at the going against mosques.

The Ministry of Endowments guided supervisors of directorates and imams to hang helpful publications in mosques prompting worshipers to stick to preventive and preventive measures, like using masks, keeping areas in between worshippers and bringing personal praying floor covering.

Mosques will certainly be opened just 10 minutes prior to prayer, and also will be closed promptly after completion of the prayer.