The National Day of Prayer is Thursday, May 6.

On this National Day of Petition, as the nation remains to fight the COVID-19 pandemic as well as injustice, we can look to a biblical number for advice: Nehemiah, whose name means “comforted by God.”

Thousands of years ago, Nehemiah was cupbearer to King Artaxerxes of Persia when he received information from his Jewish compatriots that the wall surface of Jerusalem had actually been damaged and its gateways had actually been burned to the ground. After hearing this terrible report, Nehemiah cried as well as not ate for lots of days.

He understood he had to do something about the situation– however first, he hoped.

In some cases when we look at our troubles, we just want a spiritual remedy: we hope yet we do not intend to do something about it. Other times, we want to act, but we don’t wish to pray.

We all have something to pick up from the life of Nehemiah.

Nehemiah recognized the success of God.

He started his prayer for his nation with, “O Lord God of heaven, the terrific and also incredible God that keeps commitment as well as unfaltering love with those who enjoy him and maintain his commandments …” (Nehemiah 1:5).

Prior to anything else, Nehemiah recognized God’s greatness.

The word “outstanding” is one that gets considered a whole lot without much idea to its significance. So, what does “remarkable” truly indicate? It means stunning, generally in a way that is connected with terror or weightiness.

When we meditate on God’s greatness, we begin to see our problems in their loved one smallness, but not insignificance. Nehemiah’s problems were actual and they were major; he was not out of touch with truth. He understood his only hope for restoration for his nation was in God. In the midst of his tears, he selected to announce God’s success and commend him for his love.

Nehemiah reminded God of his promises.

Notification how Nehemiah addresses his petition to “the God who maintains his covenant” (Nehemiah 1:5). Did Nehemiah require to remind God of among his qualities? No. God is omniscient, which indicates he is all-knowing. So why would certainly Nehemiah advise God of something when he prayed?

I think it was his means of advising himself as high as he was reminding God. Maybe he was thinking of God’s pledge to and also commitment with Abraham:

“‘I am God Almighty; walk prior to me, as well as be blameless, that I might make my agreement between me and you, as well as may multiply you substantially … As well as I will develop my commitment between me and you and your spawn after you throughout their generations for a long lasting commitment, to be God to you and to your children after you'” (Genesis 17:1 -2, 6-7)

It was as if Nehemiah was saying, “God, you promised to attend to all of our requirements, so I’m praying in light of that.” When we say, “Lord, I’ve been reading your guarantees, and also I remember your assurances, and I’m reminding you of your promises,” that’s a good idea. God enjoys not just our analysis via the Scriptures, however additionally our praying via the Holy bible.

Nehemiah admitted his wrong.

Nehemiah proceeded:

“Allow your ear listen as well as your eyes open, to hear the petition of your slave that I now pray before you day and night for individuals of Israel your slaves, admitting the sins of the people of Israel, which we have actually sinned against you. Even I and my daddy’s home have sinned. We have acted very corruptly against you and also have not maintained the rules, the statutes, and also the regulations that you commanded your slave Moses” (Nehemiah 1:6 -7)

As we consider Nehemiah’s life in the Bible, we do not check out of any noteworthy sin. He really did not prayer false gods like most of his fellow Israelites, yet he stated, “I have actually sinned.” Sometimes we wish other individuals to change. But initially, we must pray as well as admit our very own sin and also ask God to transform us.

Nehemiah experienced revival.

The USA needs a spiritual awakening as well as a projection. Yet true revival begins with every one of us.

What do I mean by resurgence? I indicate restoring to initial condition, coming back to life, to make sure that we may be the people that God intended us to be. We are contacted us to pray for our leaders and also for the nation all at once. And also while we can pray for other people to transform, we have to hope that God would certainly transform us. Resurgence is personal before it’s public.

God answered Nehemiah’s prayer, yet God determined that Nehemiah was the one with whom he was mosting likely to bring adjustment, as well as he eventually sent him to reconstruct the wall surfaces in Jerusalem. I’m not trying to contrast the modern USA of America to Israel of Nehemiah’s day. However, we can gain from the way Nehemiah hoped and after that acted.

If we desire that God interfere in our lives and also in our nation, after that let us pray: acknowledging God’s greatness, meditating on his guarantees, and confessing our sin. After that let’s head out and also do the work.