Ramadan in UAE: Finest prayer after required ones is Tahajjud

By April 23, 2021blog

Syedana Abu Hurayrah narrates that the Carrier of Allah (Tranquility be upon him) said: “The most effective prayer after the obligatory petitions is the night petition.” (Muslim)

One of the most virtuous of the nawafil acts of prayer is waking up in the middle of the night for Tahajjud prayer. This is that unique time when the doors of mercy are tossed open as well as the angels are distributed, seeking those looking for their Lord.

Syedana Abu Hurayrah tells that the Carrier of Allah (Peace be upon him) stated: “The very best prayer after the obligatory prayers is the evening petition.” (Muslim)

The Tahajjud Prayer or Qiyamulail belongs to the Sunnah of the Prophet, which Muslims are advised to follow at all times.

Tips to perform Tahajjud:

> Upon going to sleep, one should make the purpose to execute the Prayers. Abu Ad-Darda’ priced estimate the Prophet (PBUH) as saying: “Whoever mosts likely to his bed with the intent of getting up and also hoping throughout the evening, but, relapsing by sleep, fails to do that, he will have taped for him what he has meant, as well as his sleep will certainly be thought as a charity (an act of mercy) for him from his Lord.” (An-Nasa’i as well as Ibn Majah)

> On getting up, it is recommended that one wipes the face, utilize a tooth brush, and seek to the sky and also make the supplication which has actually been reported from the Prophet. Abu Hudzaifah reported: “Whenever the Prophet intended to visit bed, he would state: ‘With Your name, O Allah, I die and I live.’ And when he woke up from his sleep, he would certainly claim: ‘All the Appreciations are for Allah who has actually made us alive after He made us pass away (rest) and also unto Him is the Rebirth.” (Al-Bukhari)

> It is advised that awakens one’s household, for Abu Hurairah priced quote the Prophet as saying: “Might Allah bless the man that gets up throughout the evening to hope as well as awakens his other half and also that, if she declines to get up, sprays water on her face. And also might Allah honor the lady that gets up throughout the evening to pray and gets up her other half and that, if he declines, sprinkles water on his face.” (Ahmad)

> If one obtains sleepy while performing Tahajjud, one should sleep. This is based on the hadith told by Syeda Aishah, that estimated Allah’s Messenger as claiming: “When one of you rises during the evening for Petition and also his Qur’anic recital gets blended to the extent that he does not recognize what he states, he ought to lie down.”