Through Jide Oluwajuyitan

As the country moves hazardously towards the high cliff with installing everyday harvesting of fatalities coming from raiders’ attack on Nigerians around the property among ethnic profiling by Nigerian ethnic nationalities, Obasanjo final Saturday in Abeokuta during the 16th version of prayer Morning meal arranged in his honour by the Religious Organization of Nigeria (CONTAINER), Ogun State phase, highly recommended petition to The lord by Nigerians as the solution to the “frustrating difficulties” dealing with the nation on lots of faces.

Since the difficulties according to him are actually beyond “what our experts may deal with”, our company have to shed tears to God. “Our land requires to become cured; those in government, exec, lawmakers, social servers, public slaves, economic sector, are actually overwhelmed, God can not be overwhelmed. He is mighty, universal. I feel The lord will certainly cure our land”, he had actually announced along with a sense of sanctity.

OBJ unarguably is a man of excellent faith. Having missed out on death due to the whiskers during the February 13, 1976 Bukar Dimka-led coup that asserted the life of Murtala Mohammed, his supervisor and additionally left the future that befell Yar Adua that was poisoned while each were mutually providing prison condition for a phantom successful stroke, Obasanjo has actually continued to admit receiving an undue special favour of The lord. That would possess been responsible for his improvement of status coming from a captive to head of state yet The lord?

It is for that reason easy to understand why OBJ, in power, selected to pay attention to just God’s voices even for government plan propulsions rather than formal agents spent with taxpayers’ sweat. He as soon as openly declared that the God that delivered him out of prison to presidential royal residence would penalize him if he neglects to listen to his vocal. Regrettably, Obasanjo was actually the just one who was listening to God’s vocal.


However Obasanjo set out early at sunrise considering that he recognized The lord carries out not benefit male but support simply those who help themselves. After trading away MKO Abiola’s pan-Nigerian directed for Babangida’s prohibited device referred to as Meantime National Federal government, he began listening to God’s voice assuring him of coming to be head of state instead of the imprisoned winner of the political election. Due to the fact that he wanted to see to it was actually the voice of The lord, he needed to run to Nelson Mandela of South Africa who recommended him to follow his impulse as well as additionally Desmond Tutu, also of South Africa who told him ‘you have served The lord, you have offered your individuals, are you currently saying you are actually tired of providing God and also your people?”

Certainly not completely satisfied, he found the spiritual intervention of Pastor E. A. Adeboye that he stated later told him “God claimed you should go.”

In office, it was challenging to recognize if every one of OBJ’s activities were actually the end result of The lord’s voices. But what was actually certainly not doubtful was that he also started self-help. For example, unable to discourage himself off his Yoruba folks passion of the Variety love of “an eye for an eye” legislation, he resorted Yoruba conventional control of electrical power which possibly predates Niccolo Machiavelli, the arc apostle of ‘naked pressure’ and also national politics without morality which advises elimination of all your political enemies along manager of the trick of your cheer power after triumph (afobaje ni oba npa).

First Obasanjo descended on Afenifere, the Yoruba socio-cultural group responsible for his being rejected in the Southwest including his ward in the course of the 1999 vote-casting. Making use of army technique, he opted for Bola Ige, the team’s deputy innovator who he mentioned was the only Yoruba he dreaded in the run-up to the election. He lured him right into PDP where he was slaughtered in his area while working as Chief law officer and Preacher of Justice by unknown persons. He finished the humiliation of the Adesanya, the Afenifere leader by enticing his child to join his federal government.

In 2003, he did not wait on The lord’s vocal just before out-foxing the Yorba socio-cultural group through rigging all its own AD guvs except Lagos State out of workplace. In 2007, following his third-term disaster, he rigged terminally sick Umaru Yar’Adua in to office as head of state. Besides developing themself as an ardent trainee of Machiavelli while in workplace, away from office, he has actually also properly determined malpractice of our dilemma of nation-building as the resources of our social misplacements.

Hereof, he invited an 18-page character titled “Before it is actually late”, dated December 2, 2013 indicted Head of state Jonathan of spawning a help base of indigenous militants, unscrupulous political leaders as well as armed militia, all for the private schedule of political survival. He happened to pitch his camping tent along with President Buhari that later on defeated Jonathan in the 2015 political election.

Following his fall-out with President Buhari, he in an additional letter dated July 2019 had actually cautioned “our team are on the precipice and hazardously getting to an oblique point where it may no more be achievable to keep hazard at bay due to the fact that federal government cured herder/farmers situation along with kid-glove rather than hammer enabling it to become banditry, kidnapping, armed robbery as well as killings all around the country”.

The meaningless murders, kidnapping as well as banditry are actually yet manifestations of the fate that Obasanjo anticipated would befall Nigeria if Buhari failed to properly handle our dilemma of nation-building. His ask for requests, starting a time Nigerians were assaulted along with newspaper headings including “Outlaws kill 93 in new Kebbi, Kaduna attacks; 25 eliminated through herdsmen in Igangan Oyo Condition and also 53 killed in Ebonyi State, were tries at participating in the ostrich.

Today out of office, Obasanjo broach mismanagement of our dilemma of nation-building. In office, he listened to lots of vocals except that which would possess directed him to reorganize the nation by degenerating electrical power to the conditions. It will definitely as a result appear our leaders simply resort to requests to cover their breakdowns as public servants. Obasanjo listened to The lord’s voices as well as was a frequent guest at Priest Adeboye’s request campaigns. Jonathan in workplace moved from church to chapel in Nigeria and to Synagogues in Israel occasionally along with prosecuted priests. He effortlessly forgot to carry out the document of the National Meeting he set up.

Our experts presently possess too many prayer warriors. Gowon has been actually going around the country praying for our redemption previously 40 years. Bad habit President Osinbajo rarely missed any type of prayer crusade at the Atonement Camping ground. Head of state Buhari himself wishes five opportunities daily. Our team are actually told he at times leaves behind attendees hanging around so as to accomplish his prayer responsibility. Besides Redeemed Congregation and also its well-respected overseer, Minister Adeboye, there is Oyedepo supervising Canaan land which shows off the biggest congregation around the world. There are the Deeper Life Ministries, Mountain Range of Fire and also T.B Joshua’s House of worship of all nations. Our very own Catholic Church possesses the biggest seminary in the world positioned in Imo Condition. Besides our Bishops offered us “prayer for Nigeria” which our experts state in the course of mass because June 12 crisis in 1993 and all with the Abacha dark years.

I think as opposed to participating in the ostrich, Obasanjo ought to mobilise Nigerians of goodwill and leaders of Nigerian cultural citizenships to teach unbending the president that national politics is certainly not a public war yet a procedure of negotiating and also accommodation on the manner of agreed upon policies and techniques in between social teams that have actually accepted cohabit sympathetically; that separationist actions, rebellions and also insurrections are but manifestations of alienation of aggrieved teams and also retracing our back from the brink starts along with making sure the nation-state acts as mediator between completing ethnic races as versus the current viewpoint where the hurt believe it serves the passion of simply the lucky Fulani nationality.

Obasanjo has displayed he recognizes ‘heavens help just those who help on their own’. Those our company today urgently require are actually not request warriors but statesmen.