As Christians pray for the world’s 1 billion Muslims throughout their divine month of Ramadan, one author and researcher informs CBN News that God lags a huge wave of Muslims involving Christ in the past thirty years.

David Garrison is the executive director of the evangelical objectives team International Gates and also writer of A Wind in the House of Islam: How God is Attracting Muslims Around the World.

Talking on CBN’s Christian Globe Information program, Garrison described his 3 years taking a trip the Islamic globe and speaking with more than 1,000 Muslim-background followers.

“What I uncovered was this remarkable surge as well as movements in the direction of Jesus Christ accompanied the beginning of thirty days of Petition for the Muslim world, 28 years ago this year,” he claimed.

Garrison traveled 250,000 miles exploring motions where at the very least 1,000 Muslims in a community had actually been baptized into the Christian confidence, yet he never ever made the petition web link till he shared his findings with Paul Filidis of World Christian Issue, that helped launch the 30-Days of Petition for the Muslim Globe in 1993.

“I would certainly come back home and also sit down with my buddy Paul and also I informed him concerning these movements that we’re seeing most likely 84 percent of all the activities that have actually ever taken place in history have actually happened in the last three decades, which’s when Paul took a look at me and also stated, ‘David that’s when we started thirty day of Prayer for the Muslim globe.'”

While Muslims might not know that Christians are wishing them, God knows and He’s paying attention, Fort said.

“And also as he guaranteed our prayers are taking apart garrisons, they’re opening up hearts as well as they’re straightening us as Christians with God’s wish for the Muslim globe to know His Son, Jesus Christ.”

International Gates is making available a totally free downloadable duplicate of Globe Christian’s Muslim World Prayer Overview to those who see their internet site at 30days.