Prayer Time

Great Morning/Evening!

Rejoice ever much more. Pray without ceasing. In everything appreciate: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus worrying you. 1 Thess. 5: 16-18

When you consider “prayer” what enters your mind initially? Perhaps, when I reach church at Altar call; however let’s step out of tradition and also state you go to the grocery store when you are asked to pray for an individual, and if it’s agreeable to them you pray best after that and also there for/with them on the spot while God is on both of your minds. That may be the moment that a solution will certainly come via promptly for that person’s situation. You do not need to wait for an appropriate time to go into prayer, the moment will locate you!

There are times when we may not see the response to a prayer momentarily but after that there are those times when you can really feel the Holy Spirit relocating while you are still praying and also wow what a glorious sensation! The verse “Hope without discontinuing” is not made complex. I discover myself hoping all through the day, because I know God can hear me any place I am and also regardless of just how short the prayer. It doesn’t constantly have to be a long repeated prayer, as long as it is from the heart and also honest. That is the great God I serve, He understands the local time for each response no matter how tiny the request. So don’t hesitate to chat with God regarding whatever are your worries; that’s what petition is “a conversation” with a buddy you can inform anything to and also not fret about Him telling any individual (Jesus), the best friend you can have!!

We are remaining to wish all the ill and shut-ins almost everywhere: Thomas Holmes; Rev. A. Henderson; Catherine Shepard; Joey Quest; Percy Shepard; Dorothy Tullos; Nancy Hughes; Joe Townsend; Jack Brantley; Rev. Larry Weathers; Bobby Joe Harrison; Floyd Sharp; Quinton Odom; Arden Derricks; Rudi Burks; JoAnn Graffenread; Hosea Hughes; Innette Bradford; Verbie Lyles; Keisha Odom’s child; and all their caregivers.

Petitions of convenience as well as peace for the families in sadness: Lyles-Brown; Weathers; Flournoy; Taylor-Horton; and those families in Atlanta.

Lord we ask for tranquility as well as love from one end of the earth to the other, that our hearts end up being with a caring spirit that we quit and think prior to we injure each other by any means. Pierce the stony hearts and also soften them and also full of an overwhelming urgency ahead together in unity … that no matter what the future holds, we can yell for delight since You are with us. Absolutely nothing compares to You and no weapon can stand versus You. In all points we are greater than a conqueror with You!

This Sunday, March 28, is Hand Sunday, likewise called Enthusiasm Sunday; the initial day of Holy Week as well as the last Sunday before Easter, memorializing Jesus Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Hand Sunday is both a pleased and also sad day. Christians enjoy singing applauds to Jesus, yet sad due to the fact that they recognize Jesus passed away less than a week after His arrival in Jerusalem.