Thousands of people joined Birkat Kohanim(the Priestly Blessing) which took place at the Western Wall early Monday morning, according to a news release. The huge scale, public routine of Birkat Kohanim is kept in Jerusalem throughout the holidays of Passover as well as Sukkot. This is the first time that the mass true blessing has occurred considering that the start of the coronavirus break out on such a large range. Since March of in 2015, the event would certainly take place in a restricted capacity. However, this newest event kept with the Health and wellness Ministry’s guidelines. Guests included many significant rabbis such as chief rabbis Yitzchak Yosef and also David Lau; Shmuel Rabinowitz, Rabbi of the Western Wall and also the Holy Sites of Israel; and Rabbi Yaakov Avitan, Minister of Religious Affairs. Jerusalem mayor Moshe Leon also went to the event. Rabinowitz made a special prayer at the end of the event, wishing the decrease of COVID-19 in Israel and the entire world. He likewise mentioned that “Birkat Kohanim, created in the Torah, contains an assurance to safeguard from injury as well as for tranquility on Israel. In these hard times, we need this blessing especially– a petition for tranquility in the Jewish nation and also for wellness for every person worldwide.”

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