Masjid Ikhlas opened the doors of its two-story structure in 1999.

Via the mosque doors as well as up a short flight of stairways is a lobby with a shelf to location footwear on. Transform left and also with the hallway is the entryway to a small collection full of texts in Arabic and Farsi, an ode to some participants’ Afghan heritage. Past the corridor is the guys’s petition room, buried by a gold as well as emerald rug. Directly below is the females’s petition hall with an identical carpet.

Travel through the cellar corridor, but don’t miss out on a home window in the wall surface where children offer grownups coffee from. At the end of the corridor is the kitchen location, an event space when there isn’t an international pandemic. It’s presently a storage space location.

In the 20-plus years considering that the Northglenn mosque opened, its membership has actually grown to over 1,000 individuals, that are medical professionals, engineers and also local business owner in the area. The mosque has a young people team, a Sunday institution as well as an after-school tutoring program to teach Quranic address and also memorization. There are food drives open up to anyone on weekend breaks. Two COVID-19 vaccination facilities were there recently.

Masjid Ikhlas isn’t simply a home for some area participants, said board member Jamaluddin Amin. “It’s a psychological remedy.”

In many methods, the mosque is similar to other spiritual groups in the location. At an April 2 petition solution, participants paid attention to a sermon on praying, reviewing bible and also fellowshipping with others throughout Ramadan, the Muslim divine month that started April 12.

Yet, one thing is different about Masjid Ikhlas: the Northglenn police officer protecting the entry at prayer times. On and off for a number of years, a militant has actually checked out the mosque. Previously on, he questioned individuals throughout open residences, which rose to trespassing, a ticket for blocking a pathway, a guilty decision as well as appeal and, most lately, a letter requesting for $9 million that led mosque leaders to consult with the FBI.

In the midst of this, the bigger faith neighborhood has actually rallied to sustain the mosque as well as its outreach director, Ihsan Riahi, who believes now is not the moment to withdraw from the bigger neighborhood out of concern, but to reach out, “to link, to develop bridges.”

He signed up with the Northglenn homelessness job pressure, an Adams Area confidence leaders caucus organized by Together Colorado, a statewide community protestor team, and Northglenn’s community co-production policing advisory board.

“I can not just sit my butt on the couch as well as anticipate individuals to believe I’m a hero,” Riahi claimed. “If I don’t do it, I’m not going to wait on politicians to do it. I’m not going to await Fox News to do that. I’ll have to do it myself.”

The protester

“I’m a missionary,” claimed Richard Roy Blake. He began a ministry for maltreated Christians in Muslim nations and claimed he is a former investigative reporter, a book author and dramatist. Besides Masjid Ikhlas, he additionally has opposed at the Denver Islamic Society, where he was apprehended and later on founded guilty of interrupting the peace by a jury in Denver local court. The Denver Islamic Society has a restraining order against him.

Originally, Blake claimed he began going to the once-a-month open residences at Mosque Ikhlas in 2014 to find “allies” for his ministry prior to determining that the mosque’s beliefs were extreme– a case that mosque management outright rejects.

Blake started discussing people at open homes or would certainly object in the parking area, trying to put off people from going inside. After that, on March 4, 2017, Blake and also three other males were objecting outside, waving white flags as well as standing up signs illustrating Jesus, a police report stated. A police officer stated they heard one militant yell, “Islam is not a religious beliefs.”

Riahi told authorities that the protesters tried to prevent cars from entering into the car park. So, the outreach director stated the men as trespassing, meaning they would only be allowed on the nearby sidewalk.

Blake said he was banned due to the fact that the mosque really did not like his viewpoints. “They couldn’t out-debate me and they could not have me around,” he stated.

Riahi flatly challenges that. According to the transcript of a later court trial, Riahi claimed, “It’s not a question of freedom of expression, that’s his right, his Constitutional right that I am for, regardless of what. The issue was the reality was that he placed individuals in endangerment, and also he was bugging individuals for cost-free speech.”

Nevertheless, Blake told the mosque, “You toss me out and also I will get on the pathway anytime I can.”

The scenario escalated on July 17, 2017 when a neighbor contacted Riahi to state that Blake was bringing an armed militia to an objection, triggering the mosque to call Northglenn PD for extra protection that day, according to a cops report. The mosque took it seriously because just before then, a guy (who authorities said in a record had not been linked to Blake) drove by the mosque and also displayed a machete through the home window of his car, threatening to harm the mosque, according to Riahi and an authorities record.

No militia ultimately came, as well as Blake stated he isn’t connected with one.

“This is the very first I have actually read about it,” Blake said when asked if he was affiliated with a militia. “I am totally independent with the exception of my charity.”

A couple of months after, Masjid Ikhlas entered into an agreement with Northglenn PD for off responsibility police officers to give protection on Fridays, according to Northglenn Authorities Leader Ron Osgood. A lot more lately, the division supplied protection at the COVID-19 inoculation facilities and also it does added patrol at the mosque each week.

Blake’s in-person protests came to a stop Jan. 4, 2020, when a Northglenn policeman ticketed him for blocking a pathway. Riahi claimed he saw people walking onto the road to get around Blake. Blake disputed the ticket, bring about a community court trial where a jury convicted him.

Currently, Blake is appealing the sentence in Adams County area court and also he’s also taking legal action against Northglenn and also NPD police officers in U.S. area court. In the local court test, Blake claimed he would not protest at the mosque anymore, according to a transcript. Nevertheless, when asked if he would oppose again if the conviction was reversed, Blake stated, “That recognizes. I think we’ll see.”

The mosque’s latest altercation with Blake got on Jan. 7, 2021, when he sent a letter intimidating to file a claim against the mosque and also Riahi unless they paid him $9 million in one month.


In the years Blake was objecting Masjid Ikhlas and trying to dissuade people from satisfying its members, partnerships in between the mosque and also neighborhood leaders were growing.

Adams County Commissioner Emma Pinter first visited Masjid Ikhlas when it hosted an anti-hate discussion forum after Nazi signs appeared in Westminster in 2017. Pastor Wesley Dunbar of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Thornton took a youth team there as soon as to learn about Islam. Patty Lawless, a statewide organizer with Together Colorado, fulfilled Riahi through the Adams Area faith leaders caucus. Northglenn Mayor Meredith Leighty learnt more about Riahi a lot more through his involvement with the city.

When Blake’s Jan. 7 letter came, Riahi showed to some of those people a lot more about what was taking place.

“Ihsan (Riahi) understands he can bring any kind of concerns to the table which he has a team of people that have his back and have the mosque’s back,” Lawless stated.

Together Colorado mobilized, creating an application that called on law enforcement to address the circumstance. “Their (Riahi and mosque) engagement has been an indispensable payment to our benefit human dignity in Colorado,” reviewed the record dated March 1.

It proceeded, “We … stand with the North Denver Islamic Facility and wholeheartedly support the Mosque’s call for treatment by the ideal police authorities to resolve this threat as well as make certain the wellbeing of not only their leadership, congregants as well as church, however of all participants of the community.”

Together Colorado flowed the application among companions throughout Colorado, amassing 69 trademarks from people in 19 different cities. Signatories included leaders of Christian, Jewish, Unitarian Universalist and also Saints parishes. Leighty and Pinter also authorized it. Pinter claimed the number of trademarks, “is a credit score to Ihsan as well as the mosque and also their commitment to outreach.”

Leaders of the mosque have given that consulted with the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office. Dunbar, who likewise attended the conference with the FBI to present the Together Colorado application, claimed he went that additional action since the mosque serves the community.

“They are a voice for reasonableness. They are a voice for faithfulness,” Dunbar stated.

The request is among lots of instances where neighborhood members supported the mosque amidst Blake’s objections, Riahi stated. Once, customers at a bar across the street quit mid-drink to approach Blake as well as inform him to quit. Other times, people saw Blake protesting and also chose to visit an open house, when they weren’t originally planning to.

Riahi said he had rewarding conversations with those that went against Blake’s advice. Individuals who formerly had misunderstandings regarding Islam became more unwinded, a couple of have also lost splits, Riahi stated.

“When they see more of what we have in common greater than what we don’t agree on as for religion is worried, then that modifications their mind. They become close friends.”