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The SMS Prayer System for your Organization

The Prayer4Me system is a technology solution that allows organizations to facilitate prayer requests and intercession by leveraging the ubiquity and convenience of SMS text messaging, enabling users to submit and receive prayer requests via text messages and ensuring that the organization’s prayer team is notified of new requests and can respond in real-time.

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Prayer Is Powerful allows churches to connect with their members through the power of prayer far beyond worship services. utilizes text messaging to help those in need of prayer to communicate their prayer requests confidentially to their church prayer team. They receive immediate encouragement, the opportunity to talk about their needs in real time, and most importantly, the knowledge that they are being prayed over. This service provides an easy way for those in need to reach out 24/7, 365.

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Use the simplity of texting to submit a prayer request. Anywhere. Anytime.


Prayer brings light to dark and sometimes secret places. It can be difficult to share. Requests are confidential.


No training needed to submit a request.  We all know how to send a text!
The administration panel is easy to use for your congregation/prayer team to respond to incoming requests.


From usage reports, to automated responses and verses, can be customized for your needs.

We are called to pray for each other

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Smooth Sailing

There is no app to install, there is no infrastructure to setup, no training needed.

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No need to change your work-flow or congregation setup.

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Easy User Experience

Utilize SMS text messaging.

We know God is present where there is prayer.  God calls us to steward the resources He’s given us. uses the latest technology to connect congregations in prayer.

“For where two or three are gathered in my name,
there am I among them.” Matthew 18:20

Let’s Pray

We all long for connection.  It’s a privilege to pray for the church body.  Connect with your congregation and pray with them today.

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